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Providing Professional Lawn & Landscaping for 11+ Years!

We are a full service Lawn and Landscaping company specializing in residential and commercial property maintenance. Whether you need weekly maintenance, Spring or Fall cleanup or help with a landscape vision you want to come to life.. We are experienced and equipped to help! 

Our Services

Lawn Maintenance
Commercial Grounds Care

Residential Lawn Maintenance

Commercial Grounds Care

A green, lush lawn enhances your image in the community, preserves and increases your property’s value, and protects your investment. Clean Acres is a leader in creating and maintaining beautiful lawns. Our high quality, value-added services are evidenced in the satisfied clients who renew their relationships with us year after year.

What your business looks like on the outside says a lot about how your business operates on the inside- and also helps affect how and what potential customers think of your business.

When working with businesses, we use the same goals that we do for residential applications for inspiration and guidance, but with different objectives.  Depending on the type of business (storefront, corporate office, limited space, etc.), we work with you and your business to create a professional, organized appearance that increases your professionalism without hurting your bottom line.



Clean Acres is the professional choice for  your landscape and outdoor property needs. As a Full Service company, we offer Landscape Architecture, Landscape Installation/Construction, Landscape Management, Irrigation Installation / Service, and Landscape Lighting Installation & Service. Please feel free to call at any time if you have questions about our services or if you just need some advice on what to do in your yard!

Leaf Removal

Leaf Removal

We know how many leaves you get in this area, and we are well equipped to deal with them. With our full-service leaf removal service, we blow all of your leaves out to the street and suck them up with a giant vacuum to make your lawn leaf free.

We also offer

Hedge Management - Weeding & Pruning - Pressure Washing

Spring & Fall Clean-up - Irrigation - Snow Removal

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